Campfire Canopy Homing Beacon Tower of Power PKF Shoeboxes on Stilts 2 Shoeboxes on stilts Town Hall 3 Arch Enemy Sevenhill St Peter's Otway Blue Medibank Trust Me Beachouse [revisited] The Heavens Falling Limbs No. Thirteen Awesomeness Excape Parked Fringe Factory No Stopping Surveillance Glass Tower Metropolis Entry Exit Drill Hall Roof Electricity Supply Company Still Lookin Up UFO Look Up Blue Gray Best of 2007 Dtn Art Spc ylo! Churchill Courting Warning Fortress Xavier [revisited] One Shot Gaol Towering Hangin' Round Water Building VPL [revisited] No. 282 High Rise Welcome Sister Ceiling The Uni Medieval Starry Sky The Door Lamppost Grand Central The Library Pilgrim Night & Day Beachouse Blown It Architecture Pattern 2 Slice The Post Office Eclipse The Conservatory The Colosseum Monolith Guggenheim VPL Needled Stacked Matrixed Perpetual Memorial Stairway to... Law Pods Outlawed GPO Townhall 315 Skyscrapective Architecture Pattern The Cathedral