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I’ve been taking photos since 2001 and finally in Sept 2005 I launched Detour. Initially I posted the best shots from my 10,000+ archive and told the story of each photo – because while the cliché mentions that “a picture says a 1,000 words” I always thought the backstory behind a shot added just that little bit more to what you saw.

I used up my earlier archives long-ago, so these days it varies between pretty recent shots and whatever floats my boat from years passed. But I still try to provide a bit of insight on the what, where and why of each photo. Or else I just say whatever shit comes to mind! Oh, and I should probably mention, I come with a language warning – swearing is very much a part of who I am so if you stick around you’d best fuckin deal with it, yeah?

Why Detour?
My day job is in the creative industry, though not photography – so my tagline is ‘photographic distractions’ and it’s intended to convey that this is a different creative outlet for me, a welcome break from my work and my regular pay-the-bills life. But also, Detour fitted nicely with my Dfunkd domain.

I’m not much on bragging, but some people are curious, so here goes. 2002–2006 I dearly loved my stock-standard Canon Powershot G3. I really took a lot of pride in getting some of what I still consider to be bloody good shots, despite not having any fancy lenses or even an external flash. A cheap tripod was my only accessory back then.

In 2006 I upgraded to a Canon EOS 400D and over time accumulated a small variety of lenses (Canon EFS 18-55mm, EF 75-300mm, EFS 10-22mm, EF 100mm macro), plus a cheap-ass fisheye adapter and a not cheap-ass 580EX external flash, all lugged around in a Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home. Oh, and my cheap tripod never made it to Las Vegas so I upgraded to a very nice Manfrotto 718B.

Finally in 2009 I graduated to the full-frame world with the Canon 5D Mark II, which meant some lenses had to be replaced so currently I play with the Canon EF 16-35mm L, EF 50mm f1.4, still the EF 100mm macro, plus a built-like-a-tank Russian Pelang 8mm full frame fisheye (love it!). Oh yeah, and I now lug everything around in a Crumpler 8 Million Dollar Home.

I should also mention that I’ve dabbled in film (but only a little) with a beautiful little twin-lens relfex, a Minolta Autocord M. Fantastic camera, totally gets you looks from people!

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All shots taken in RAW format, processed in Adobe Lightroom, and then final tweaks done in Photoshop.

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In the press (back when I tried to spread my shots around a bit more):

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