12 Jun 2012

[Posted 11.11.12]

A few weeks ago I took a trip interstate and finally managed to achieve a project I've long wanted to do. Recording a holiday with almost hourly photographs, no matter what the shot is. Enter Instagram.

I hadn't Instagramed before (it's a social media thing, and I'm just not that social) and I won't now the holiday project is done, but it was a really interesting experience. I found the whimsical nature of shooting everything and anything kind of liberating. For example, I ended up taking photos of things I wouldn't shoot with my DSLR – art in a gallery for example, with a less than perfect (cluttered) background and people in frame. Fuckit, snap, choose filter, post. It returned me to my early G3 days where I was less precious about my subjects and just enjoyed taking photographs.

But, it was fun while it lasted, and now that I've had my fling with Instagram I think I'll move on. Yes the limited post-processing along with the rapid-posting nature of it all did free me from being too damn precious with the final results, but at the same time those limitations created a certain 'sameness' to the results that I quickly grew tired of. And at the end of the day, a crappy shot of a baggage carousel is still a crappy shot of a baggage carousel no matter which of the filters you apply to it. I'll happily go back to being more selective in what I shoot.

Still, I did come out with a nice record of some good beer and good times. Plus some Detour-worthy images, so there's that!