Tiger Raffle

31 Oct 2009

[posted 22/11/09]

We had two days and one night in Singapore. The morning of the second day M (sans wife due to some frustrating Indian paperwork debacle!) flew into Singapore, and we all hung out for the day.

H wanted to see the famous Raffles Hotel, so after a few mis-directions on the metro system we finally found it. There was talk of having 'High Tea', but it was easier and cheaper to settle in for a couple of drinks in the Long Bar – one of the few areas of the hotel open to the (poor) public. This is my pint of Tiger beer, a rather refreshing pint after trekking across town in the hot and humid weather.

Later we visited Sentosa, an island resort just outside the city, where we got to try some Segways, and damn they were so much fun! Even if H & I did each take a tumbled off them. If I had $12,000 burning a hole in my pocket, I'd get a Segway in an instant, no matter how much of a twat you look on it.

We were flying out that night so we had to get back across town to collect our bags from the hotel before catching the bus to the airport. Unfortunately that's right when a torrential downpour started, and showed no signs of letting up. We had a 10 minute walk back to the hotel, and the line-up for taxis was nuts, so we invested $10 each for umbrellas and plodded our way through the puddles.

Once again, Changi airport was a welcome sight. We were finally on our way home. Just one more flight between us and the comfort of home, and we were anxious to get going.