Power Surge

27 Oct 2008

Usually when I take a crapload of these ride shots I end up with the name of the ride somewhere, which makes titling the post pretty easy. But I wasn't happy with what I was getting from this ride so after 7 or 8 shots I moved on. Course, once I checked back through things I decided this one was worthwhile after all – and a few minutes of processing later, I was done. Trouble was, only one shot had the name in frame and the motion made it blurry as hell! But I managed, thanks to the wonders of the intertubes, to figure it out, and now all's right with the world.

Which makes this a prime example of one of those waffling posts you don't need to read in order to enjoy the shot. But hey, it's my phlog and I'll waffle on if I want to. Which reminds me of this one time at photoblog camp when I stuck a zoom lens up my ... but anyway.