Dive, Dive, Dive!

25 Sep 2006

I went out again this weekend looking for some hot young chicks to use my zoom lens on. And this time I found some!

This was a family of fake ducks just lounging on the bank and enjoying a one eyed snooze in the sun. The parents didn't move much but the two chicks kept on stretching out. First sticking their legs all the way out as they spread their wrinkled webbed feet, then they'd extend their neck forward and every now and again they'd stay stretched out just long enough to give their stubby little wings a flutter. (It was very cute!)

The pose on this chick made me think of kids playing airplane, spluttering the roar of the engine as they weave about the place with their arms outstretched. - I wonder do baby birds imagine the day they'll soar up high? I think this one is gonna be a speed freak.

[edit 24/11/06 :: submitted to Photo Friday Immature]