11 Jul 2006

I was checking out some other photoblogs today and I came across a few shots that had obviously been edited, and they looked good. - One was basically an image that had a degraded or weathered look, you know the kind, looks like it's a ragged old shot with noticeable film grain thrown in for good measure. Another was the ol' selective colour trick; colour flower against a black and white background.

Now usually I try to avoid those kinds of gimmicks, because I want my shots to stand out on their own. Not that I'm against it by any means, I just prefer to not use it too often. But then again when it's done right it can really bring out a shot. So I think I'll dabble. But let's start small, with a vignette-like-frame.

This is one of the many street art shots I have in my archives. It's only a small stencil, A4 size or there-abouts. It's an old photo so I doubt the piece is still there. Maybe I'll take a look next time I pass the alley!

[edit 29/09/06 :: submitted to Photo Friday Anger]