14 Jun 2006

During my photo drive/wander around the Port on the weekend, I spotted two derelict cranes so I drove up the quay to where they were standing. For some reason there were also a number of other cars parked, which I assumed was various people fishing. Then I saw a friggin HUGE container ship being tugged ever so slowly (in or out, at first I wasn't sure) so I thought perhaps it was a particularly large ship that had attracted the small crowd. I checked out what was happening, but quickly grew bored of the painfully slow progress of ship and tugboat. I glanced around the water and suddenly saw what everyone was there for. A small group of Port River dolphins were playing around the ship, flicking water here, poking a dorsal out there, before disappearing for a while only to resurface somewhere completely different.

I watched for a while, before wandering down to the two derelict cranes. I took a few shots but wasn't sure I could get the photo I wanted, so I wandered some more. When I came across this sign, I thought was kind of funny. - Anyone who knows what razor wire is, doesn't need to be told it's there to hurt you. Anyone who doesn't know, will figure it out pretty damn quickly. And for everyone else, the last thing on their mind is reading a sign! It's right up there with "Do not dry animals in microwave."

This is a slightly edited shot, but only in the selective masking of curves. The original shot was quite grey and flat, and knew a more foreboding sky with contrasting sign in foreground would look better. Then I threw in a bit of fake vignetting for added effect.

[edit 23/06/06 :: submitted to Photo Friday Health - yes, it's a slight stretch for 'Health' but come-on, health, injury, there's a connection. Right?!]