Fractal Mandala

04 May 2006

Along the same walkway as yesterdays Conbenchion is a rather large sculpture that I've been wanting to visit. At about 12+ feet high & wide, and made from steel that's since rusted (staining both the sculpture and the path beneath) I just know there is a cool shot there. Not to mention a night-time shot.

So during my recent Sunday afternoon wander I stopped by. But despite trying various angles and distances I discoveed I wasn't in the right mood to capture it. In desperation I grabbed a non-descript macro and this last shot. Which made the trip worthwhile after-all.

Doesn't do the sculpture justice, but I'll get that shot next time.

My title comes from the actual title of the artwork. Sorry, no cool story from me on that.

[edit 30/05/06 :: submitted to Pxite Symbol]

Artist credit: Greg Johns