Golden Walk

01 Mar 2006

A bit earlier in the evening, before Tattoo, the group of us at the pub decided to move on to the DJ in the park across the way. As is always the case with groups, there was a bit of straggling, so we regrouped outside. - As we stood around figuring out who we were waiting for, I noticed that the line-up we'd gotten stuck in on the way into the pub was just as big as before. Which was when I also noticed that I kinda needed to take a leak. Bugger.

But being a bloke, I spotted a nice dark tree just up the street, with a suitable lack of any lamppost in the vacinity. Ideal really. Despite there being a fair number of cops milling about town that night. But hey, I'm cool with the cops watching me.

So off I trundled, and was at one with nature, or rather, the fence-post that prevented me from venturing near the damned tree! It was then that I glanced over and noticed this building, mostly in shadow, but with it's windows lit up. A beautiful shot.

I love it when such obvious things like this go completely un-noticed ... until a fortuitous moment makes you open your eyes to it. Kinda makes little adventures off into the dark all the more rewarding.

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