this is mi life

02 Feb 2006

On my usual street-art-scouting walks about town I come across everything from paste-ups, to stencils, stickers, scrawls, tags, graf and everything in between. And while this particular scrawled message/poem isn't what I'd normally bother photographing, something about it made me stop and think.

It was inside a ramshackle-building, long since gutted, that was being reused as a car park. It wasn't all that clean, and not particularly sheltered (only the decayed frames of the once large garage doors remained). Not the greatest place to call home - though defintely not the worst... it was after-all on the fringe of the business district. But just the vague concept that this was someone's spot at night, that this was their life, the life they'd made, got me thinking a little.

But then again, more than likely it was written by some comfortable kid and it's nothing more than some hastily throw-up lyrics coz hey, how many homeless people have spray paint?

[edit 09/06/06 :: submitted to Photo Friday Poverty]