God is a DJ

13 Jan 2006

Faithless - God is a DJ: "This is my church. This, is where I heal my hurt."

This was a shot taken at the last event I covered. I got RIGHT in front of the decks, crouched down low, and tried to frame it so the DJ (Benny Benassi) was the focus of the photo, but also have a part of the decks in the close foreground. I could see the shot in my mind's eye, but achieving it proved difficult.

I tried and tried, with numerous shots being out of focus, shaky, or just not *exactly* what I wanted. Afterwards, I found I had this, which was close but not precisely what I was trying for. Still, in my book it's a bang-on photo!

The name of the post also comes from a joke I once heard ... What's the difference between God and a DJ? - God doesn't think he's a DJ!