05 Nov 2005

We'd had a particularly busy but successful week at work. Or rather, the sales people had finally sold some ads, so we non-sales people had produced said ads. Lots of ads, lots of work. So as a thanks, management put on some drinks and the usual restrained office-drinks thing happened. You know, make small talk with the other departments you don't like while you sip your one light beer before you use the old "No, sorry, can't stay for another, got to drive home" excuse. Or in my case, grab two normal beers, bitch about the boss with friends, then swipe a third beer to enjoy at home.

So on the way home I ended up behind this boat. And at the long set of lights I managed to get a pic of it. - You know, they just don't make cars like they used to... fins were cool.

[edit 16/06/06 :: submitted to Photo Friday Automotive]