06 Oct 2005

One spring a few years ago, H and I went to the local DIY/hardware mega-warehouse and bought some herbs to grow. We wanted to grow our herbs from scratch, so seeds and soil it was. We didn't have many herbs that year.

The following spring we splurged and got seedlings. Much better, we had more then enough parsley, basil, rosemary and thyme. I'd also bought a chili plant, since they have cute little chili fruit and hey, I like spicy food.

The first year, the chili plant had a bumper crop of over a 100 chilies. I made chili vodka and inflicted it upon my poor friends when they dropped around. Then the chili plant had a second bumper crop! So H & I made chili infused olive oil and vinegar. Then the chili plant had a third crop. It obviously hadn't gotten the memo on winter. So I froze that crop since it was, after all, winter.

The following spring, the chili plant was a little bigger and had an even bigger crop, close to 150 chilies! I made more chili vodka, though my friends were rather more hesitant to drink it. Before I knew it, there was yet another crop practically drying on the vine, so I froze that crop too, and threw out the previous freezer-burned ones. Then yet again, mid winter, the chili plant pushed out another crop, though the harvest was a little less than the trend for the year. I guess it got the winter memo after all.

And now, without fail, come rain or shine, watered or not, the chili plant grows it's leaves, pops some flowers, pushes out some fruit and before I know it, it's covered in little red chilies all over again! That $9 investment was certainly worth it. Anyone want some chilies?

But I have to admit, the vodka in the freezer looks so yellow even I'm scared to touch it!