13 Sep 2005

Alright, everybody say "AWAH!" and get it out of the way!

This is Josie, as in Josie the Pussycat. Yes, named after the film but only because it was funny.

This was the day we adopted her/brought her home from the vet, so she's probably about 8 weeks old. Just a small little sleepy ball of fluff! (awah, i know, i know!) She had a sister who looked just like her but Josie was more inquisitive so she won the vote.

When she was a kitten I used to half jokingly offer to anyone who came by: Ya like her? Ya want her? - She was the itty-bitty-shitty-kitty. Too curious, too much running around, and never too interested in being a lap cat. But she mellowed, and so did we. Two and a half years later she's very much part of the family and we wouldn't give her up for the world!

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