Nectar of the Gods

09 Sep 2005

(Obviously this shot is edited, but only via a 'curves' adjustment layer in Photoshop.)

It was Paddy's Day '03, and I'd had a long day at work followed by a 4 hour long evening class. Finally making it home sometime after 10pm I decided it would be unpatriotic of me not to have just one pint of the black stuff; so off H and I went to the local Irish Pub (conveniently local I might add!) and I had my pint. Ahhh, glorious.

But of course, there is no such thing as 'just one pint'.

So after the first pint I thought it would be a great dishonour to my country to not celebrate the day properly. Best have just one more. So I did. Fantastic! Hit the spot beautifully!

Now, it was mid-week and since I'd to work the next day I didn't want to go too hard on the drink, but after two you're really only warming up the liver, I mean, you wouldn't want to shock the system by halting the momentum it's just built up now would you? And sure another won't hurt. Ahh go-on! So I did. Brilliant. Fuckin lovely stuff. Grand.

Three pints in and the length of the day is finally starting to wear off. The terrible band playing in the corner doesn't seem as bad as before, sure they must be getting better as they go. Good lads. The drink tastes bee-youuu-tee-ful, and before you know it the barmans got your next one lined up. Good man, always said you were solid! What, money? Ahh sure here ya go ya ol' bastard! Thanks.

Ahh yes, the fourth flows down like butter off a hot knife, only tastier and not as fattening (Guinness is good for you the posters proclaim!). Jeeze, sure I should come here more often, grand little place it is too. And the drink's just perfect. Not too often you find that nowadays, place that serves a good Guinness. This barman's a fuckin star I tell ya. Sure I'll have another kind sir if it's not too much trouble? Good on ya!

Fuck me! Would you look at that! Sure tis a thing of beauty! God, better take a picture of that now hand't I? Best test it to make sure it's right though. Ahhh, yep, she's spot on. Now, where's me bleedin camaraera? Ya little fucker... come on... turn on... ah there ya go, good man. Now Mr Guinness, stand proud, get yer head on straight there youngfella, and say "Pog ma thoin!"