08 Sep 2005

I think everwhere that has beer has an Oktoberfest of some kind. Here it's a "Sch├╝tzenfest" or colloquially 'Shitzenfaced', as in; "Man was I shitzenfaced on the weekend!"

Not the cheapest option, it's about $10 in, then $12 for your 'stein' (plastic don't you know! - less facial lacerations in a fight I guess) and then $5 or more to fill it up each time. Battling the throng of beer soaked yobbos to get near the bar, then 10 minutes of jossling amongst said beer soaked yobbos while you desperately try to catch the barman/barmaids eye, before stumbling back out of the throng, liberally showering yourself and those around you in said beer (hence the beer soaked!) as you push and are pushed in an attempt to extracate yourself. Ahh, such fun! But it has to experienced at least once. Sunstroke, expense and public drunkeness/nudity be damned!

So H & I went along with a couple of friends and joined in the German celebrations of the golden liquid. Speaking of, what goes in must come out; I wobbled over to the portaloos at one stage in the afternoon, only to find they were rather crowded and getting very messy. But, being men, we didn't need such modern conveniences so we just walked BEHIND the portaloos and let her rip. Now, the portaloos were right by the fence, and we're standing with our backs to the fence, when all of a sudden we hear a female voice sternly say "Afternoon boys!" and we glance around to see two female cops on horseback casually hoofing past!

Anyway, this shot was taken later on in the evening, when it was dark. There was some band playing on stage, and over by the fence there were a bunch of cops on horseback watching the crowd. There hadn't been any trouble and they must have been having a good time of it, coz one of the cops starts boogeying away while sitting in the saddle. Some other people noticed and clapped, which only encouraged her. I thought it'd make a funny shot but even though the flash went off, i was too far for it to reach the subjects. Instead it caught their reflective vests! Another fantastic shot by mistake!